First of all, we would like to thank you for interesting in ours products and our company.
Our company has its production plant in the north of Spain, concretely in Vizcaya. The equipment that we elaborate follows a care construction process and all their components are carefully chosen.

We are specialized mainly in the production of TUBE'S - VALVE'S - VACUM'S COMPRESSORS and EQUALIZATORS. Using a completes machinery, our plant provides to all the clients of the world: companies, distributors and individuals.



In our plant we exclusively only process high quality components. All technician of sound of the world looks for highest audio quality, as well as being able to contribute to this sound shades that heighten the results.

We have ready COMPRESSORS and ECUALIZADORES to be sent. This way, we are at readiness to accept orders of great amounts.

Do not doubt in consulting our prices as well as the characteristics of our products.